Beth Mason out and about with Tim Occhipinti

Beth Mason has ventured out in a rare safari into the fourth ward and is walking around with Tim Occhipinti.  Independent reports say she is over at 3rd and Jackson St. right now.  If anyone can snap a picture, send one in!

A report came in a fourth ward resident saw Beth Mason with Tim Occhipinti and went over to her and hit with a straight one liner – “I’m so disappointed in you.”

A surprised Beth Mason replied, “Excuse me.”  The conversation ended there as the person had other family considerations.

Talking Ed Note: More positive news on turnout in the 4-2.  With prime time still ahead for that key voting district turnout late afternoon is reported to be well over the four-hundred mark.

This election is going to place a premium demand on real live voters.  Tim Occhipinti has manufactured an unbelievable percentage of his votes in paper.  What will come of it?  Too soon to tell.

There’s going to be feedback on an equally record setting challenge to this paper mache production by the Occhipinti campaign.  It may lead to one nasty quagmire.

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