How will Tim Occhipinti vote on the Southwest Park Wednesday?

The Southwest Park is a longstanding issue with many grassroots activist hoping over years for an opportunity to add some park space to that area of Hoboken.

Now the the opportunity is finally before the Hoboken City Council on Wednesday.

The ordinance regarding lots of Block 12 requests the powers of eminent domain so the mayor can push through in stalled negotiations on land that is primarily a surface parking lot is before the Hoboken City Council this Wednesday.

That evening the ordinance will be presented and requires five votes for passage to go on to the next step after introduction.  If the earlier vote on the question stands, there are four likely votes in support: council members Cunningham, Marsh, Mello and the Council President Ravi Bhalla.

The fifth vote would need to come from Tim Occhipinti who requested the County’s grant of $3,000,000 be reprogrammed for a Southwest Park effort.  Now with the agreement of the council and the Administration, it has and will require the fifth vote to see the plan moved forward.

So what will Tim Occhipinti do Wednesday?

Is the Southwest Park issue catching up?  On Wednesday it is and Tim Occhipinti has to decide if he supports it by voting for the ordinance to push it to fruition in a yes or no vote.  

In a May 11th letter to the City Council, the events, history and background leading up to the meeting are outlined in detail by the mayor:

Mayor Memo Southwest Park

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