Hey, who has been ringing our bell?

Just so our colleague Grafix Avenger who lives down yonder Hoboken way doesn’t feel too special as in Special Agent FBI special, there’s some special visitors who have come visiting our way too ringing the bell at the stable.  Ding, dong… Mason, what about Beth Mason?

Da Horsey was actually first to officially Welcome the Boys of Summer at a City Council meeting last year and even if it’s not quite summer weather just yet, the heroes of our Republic should always feel welcome when they visit the stable or any of our neighbors in Hoboken.

The FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems applying technology on behalf of the Republic.
They describes themselves as “a cornerstone of protecting the nation.” 

The Boys of Summer are welcome, they’re always welcome.

Grafix Avenger sees interests in a story going back to November last year after the FBI took down the City IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi, the ringleader of a Data Theft Conspiracy:

Councilwoman Beth Mason is seeing some interest but it may not be the type she’d like.
Grafix Avenger notes the interest from the Boys of Summer’s criminal justice IS group.
Happy Nightmares minions

Talking Ed Note: This latest FBI activity comes directly after our blockbuster story on the secretive visits by Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen to the remote, obscure office of the IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi on the third floor at City Hall.


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