Sharks look to eat their own, a James Barracato cautionary shark tale

If you want to swim in the deep end of the pool with the big fish, the first rule you might want to follow as a self-proclaimed big time political operative in service to your counte$$ is not get caught red handed providing defamatory information to the local paper on Reform writers.

James Barracato, aka FinBoy left the telltale marks in a document obtained by Grafix Avenger submitted to the Hudson Reporter.  So as Hoboken awaits to see how the embarrassing details are handled on their end which in and of itself is disturbing on many levels not only journalistic ones, the real question is how one Grafix Avenger is taking the “news.”

Horsey’s lawyers have given up hope on a big payday but they say Grafix Avenger has an airtight case against James Barracato and Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Should she decide to pursue a defamation case, she’d not only have all the materials at hand to deliver a knockout blow, she’d place the Hudson Reporter in the embarrassing position of revealing some less than savory methods.

For James Barracato and Beth Mason, the “discovery” in a defamation lawsuit would only get worse from there.

James Barracato could be going from hunter to the hunted.  His exposure in a political operation gone bad places both him and his paymaster Beth Mason in a potential defamation case.

Original FinBoy graphic courtesy Jhnny “to the butter” Newman and public domain online sources.

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