Houston we have problem

One seat up in the air now.  A review of third place will have to be conducted.
There are questions though as these numbers are lower than the late tally last night.

Dead even race for third seat on Hoboken school board
By The Jersey Journal
April 21, 2010, 12:13AM

With the machine and vote-by-mail ballots tallied the race for the third seat on the Hoboken school board appeared to be dead-even between incumbent Rose Marie Markle and newcomer John Madigan.

This race is probably heading for a recount or could be determined by provisional or emergency ballots used at the polls. All else fails, there could be a runoff.

Jean Marie Mitchell – 1,135 votes
Ken Howitt – 1,057 votes
John A. Forsman, III – 556 votes
Irene Sobolov – 1,505 votes
Leon Gold – 1,343 votes
John Madigan – 1,215 votes (tie)
*Rose Marie Markle – 1,215 votes (tie)
Kyelia Colon – 1,054 votes
Patricia Waiters – 961 votes
Elizabeth Markevitch – 727 votes
Kathleen Tucker – 618 votes
Perry Lin – 615 votes
Tax Levy: $36,479,095
Approve – 1,747 votes
Oppose – 1,234 votes

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