How Sweep it is! Kids First Sweep!!!! Budget Passes!

These numbers are final short of approximately 60-70 provisionals.

Irene Sobolov    1626
Leon Gold         1464
Rose Markle      1322 

You have your three winners for the three year terms!

One year term:

Jean Marie Mitchell  1243
Ken Howitt               1083
John Forsman             610

Remaining candidates:

John Madigan             1256
Kyelia Colon              1071
Patricia Waiters            978
Liz Markevitch             772
Perry Lin                      661
Kathleen Tucker            659

The budget passed 1769 yes to 1230 no

Talking Ed Note: Apologies if the numbers may be off a few here or there, worked off a difficult phone connection.

A midnight update says we have a tie for third.  This will be revisited tomorrow.

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