It is (still) a Kids First Sweep!

Here are the final verified totals for the elections (including absentees not provisionals):

Irene Sobolov 1626
Leon Gold      1464
Rose Markle   1322

John Madigan  1256
Kyelia Colon    1071
Patricia Waiters  978
Liz Markevitch   772
Perry Lin            661
Kathleen Tucker  659

For the one year seat:

Jean Marie Mitchell  1243
Ken Howitt              1083
John Forsman III       610

The vote totals are almost exactly the same as the previous year election in the range of 4900 meaning the people engaged on the Board of Education continue to be engaged.
Provisional ballots will be added end of the week on Friday.

Congratulations to Kids First!  And Congratulations to all the candidates who worked very hard to present their points of view.

Absentee ballots did not prove to be the difference in this election.

Our friend the Jolly Green Giant has weighed in on the Kids First win at The Hoboken Journal.  He also has video up.  Nice to see the big guy last night.

Shot of the night: Kids First celebrates the moment of victory at Maxwell’s last night.  The mood of the event was nothing short of ecstatic.  Hoboken has historically seen reform crushed when there have been divisions allowing the old machine to take control.  A shocking result in the across the board sweep of four seats in less than ideal circumstances.

Photo: Courtesy Kurt Gardiner, the Hoboken Journal – all rights reserved.


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