Hospital parking agreement passes saving HUMC

The parking agreement a critical portion of an overall agreement saving Hoboken University Medical Center from closure passed 5-4.  The agreement paves the way in a final chapter keeping the hospital operating as an acute care facility.  Officially the sale should be completed tomorrow and Hoboken taxpayers relieved of the $52 million guarantee.

Meeting pt. 1

 A follow up resolution was then brought to the table asking the agreement be made effective immediately so a typical 20 day waiting period would not be necessary as the hospital does not have the needed funds to operate through the waiting period.

MORTe saw the opportunity for sabotage and once again quickly jumped into action.  If unable to stop the sale of the hospital and force its closure, once again the Beth Russo hydra showed its real intent and went to inflict more damage by unanimously voting no.

The vote required two-thirds approval and MORTe re: death – (Mason-Occhipinti-Russo-Terry Castellano) eagerly voted no putting the hospital in an immediate precarious position as it moves from City ownership to Holdco.

After the vote, Councilman Russo out of order as ever said aloud, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” belittling the hospital’s situation.  (But don’t say they are against saving the hospital.)

The special meeting is notable not only for the last action to save the hospital and keep it open but for the bitterness by MORTe.  Councilwoman Beth Mason gave a prepared speech standing by the misinformation she’s been feeding the public over months leading into the sale.  Specifically, she repeated one lie disproved on MSV, Grafix Avenger and the State of NJ along with Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin saying the parking licensing of transponders for the hospital constitutes an “illegal parking agreement.”

Mason provided no legal support for her claim. She later bizarrely spoke of taking some issue to the public and sponsoring a referendum.  It’s unclear what she is talking about or how any such vote by the public for or against would matter.

Update: Apparently, Mason is taking the defeat of her sabotage of the hospital very badly.  She’s saying she will try to undermine the hospital by taking a referendum and nullify its parking agreement.  No doubt Ricky Mason will be funding the effort along with massive amounts of absentee ballots keeping his wife busy.  Way to go Wachtell!

Beth Mason’s cameraman was also back filming at the meeting.  Perhaps a new commercial will be made extensively editing the comments of people to put forward some new Mason411 plan.

Talking Ed Note: MSV has held that MORTe with Beth Mason working furiously behind the scenes to sabotage the hospital sale have wanted to see Hoboken and the hospital befall the worst possible fate.

When told the hospital is out of money and needs the parking agreement made effective immediately to allow the closing to go through, MORTe eagerly, eagerly voted it down with Mike Russo mocking the hospital’s plight.  

On a night that should be a big victory for Hoboken saving its hospital and relieving the taxpayers of a huge $52 million bond guarantee, MORTe showed not only its displeasure the hospital is saved but beared its claws for all to see.  Not one of them even mentioned the $52 million dollar bond guarantee around the necks of the Hoboken taxpayers.

MORTe is very dangerous and looks to be fully intent on sabotaging if not destroying Hoboken.
The evidence is in plain sight but MSV will help people to see it for themselves.  Video to come.

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