The final vote to save the hospital and Hoboken taxpayers

Here’s the critical and final vote related to saving Hoboken University Medical Center and relieve Hoboken taxpayers of the $52 million bond guarantee.

Council President Ravi Bhalla makes final remarks leading into the vote on the essential parking agreement or rather he’s trying to do so but is rudely interrupted repeatedly by Council members Terry Castellano, Mike Russo and Tim Occhipinti along with MORTe’s political operative Nick Callichio yelling at him from the audience.

The Council President put some important facts on the table leading into the vote noting the parking agreement saves the hospital and removes the $52 million bond liability from Hoboken taxpayers.

Earlier 6th ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino would challenge the talking points by MORTe that the parking agreement is any kind of sweetheart deal.  She broke down the cost for Hoboken residents paying $185 a month versus the $45 a month many hospital employees pay.

Turns out they are exactly the same at twenty-six cents an hour.  That’s correct each are paying twenty-six cents an hour.  And Hoboken also saves the hospital and rids itself of a $52 million bill.

Talking Ed Note: MORTe and friends did you even listen, to anyone?  Of course not, they never let facts get in the way or the overall obvious victory for Hoboken.  The win for Hoboken disturbs them.  Greatly.

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