Hospital Parking Agreement in Special City Council meeting @ 7:00

For all the marbles and Beth Mason’s incalculable investment in stopping it, the hospital sale’s last required component – the parking agreement is up to bat tonight.

We’ll be hearing lots of complaints, lots and lots and none of them will matter one iota. 

The Beth Russo hydra can politrick all they wish till the cows come home to Church Towers and none of it matters. They can howl about a 99 year continuation of the parking agreement, talk about imaginary 150+ million dollar giveaways and pile up the lies as on Beth Mason’s witless commercial lacking any coherency or accuracy and well, it’s all over but the shouting.

The hospital will be saved! 
The hospital bond of $52 millions on the backs of the taxpayers will be relieved.
Hoboken’s finance rating as a result WILL GO UP!

Beth Mason faces the biggest defeat in her single-minded purpose of ambition. In 2007, she attempted to stop the City of Hoboken from making a mistake in taking over the hospital. Her continuous efforts to work with a radical nurse’s union leadership and a failed hospital bidder (P3) that has NEVER delivered adds up to one huge defeat.

MORTe has fought against the winning bidder Holdco continuously since January. So don’t expect them to go easy into the night tonight. They remain earnest and dedicated in their sabotage of Hoboken. MORTe just wishes it could produce one more vote and see Hoboken crushed under the massive weight of the hospital’s closure with mega tax increases along with equally bad layoffs.

That they’ve determined is their PATH TO POWER.

Yes, they are that craven.

This is the same Beth Russo hydra with the singular intent to stop the best and only bidder that met all the criteria for keeping the hospital open.  When they had their first opportunity to aid in helping the hospital reach the finish line, they tried everything they could to stop it.  They never voiced any real alternative with the hospital days from closure.

But hey, that’s MORTe living up to their name from the original Italian: Death.
Tune in at 7:00 and you’ll see and hear it for yourself.

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