Beth Mason’s narrative blown to smithereens

Beth Mason’s last gasp attempting to sully the last component of
the Holdco hospital sale via the parking agreement has come undone
before the special meeting tonight.

The parking agreement with the hospital sale will go through tonight, no matter what Mason de Pinocchio above does.  MORTe will get a taste of its namesake.  It’s Death to Sabotage.

MSV explored the legal angle
yesterday and found it wasn’t holding water, even revealed by couched
language in a press release by Beth Mason herself.

Spelling it out beautifully for the layman and dunce politicians, Grafix Avenger sought out her legal department, “Not
Stempler” who bills at $850 an hour and knows a canard when he sees one. 
He tore into the Mason mythology of a “possibly illegal agreement” and
laid waste to the foolishness of politicians who step into intellectual
pools for which they are ill equipped.

Read the Grafix Avenger masterpiece at the link below.  It’s a thing of beauty:

Talking Ed Note: Sadly, the Star Ledger really got exposed on the hospital story as holding an ax to grind and made big errors in coverage of the hospital sale including its story last Friday.  It misled the public to thinking a Mason fed story on the parking agreement being possibly outside of state law was accurate.

MSV gives a pass to Beth Mason’s host for all her local Hoboken political operations, Perry Klaussen at Hoboken411.  He’s just doing the fascist work he always does.

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