Hospital’s anticipated sale closing not complete due to MORTe

Last night after the successful vote on the essential parking agreement for the midtown garage to license spaces for the hospital, Corporation Counsel explained why a second ordinance and vote was needed to not delay it for 20 days as in a typical ordinance.

Mark Tabakin, the City’s Corporation Counsel said the hospital was not able to make payroll and the agreement needed to be updated so the close could occur today.

After a back and forth where he corrected Councilman Mike Russo numerous times on the necessity, a vote was held.  Here is the video of the vote along with the comments by Mike Russo.

Once again MORTe (Mason-Occhipinti-Russo and Terry Castellano) voted to to put the hospital in yet another precarious position.  As the close was scheduled today, MSV can report is has not in fact happened.

See yet another irresponsible petulant vote and listen carefully for when Mike Russo mocks the hospital’s plight.

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