Russo ridicules hospital’s payroll plight in MORTe’s block: “The sky is falling… the sky is falling”

For a short meeting, last night’s special council session was all the more a train wreck for the utter disregard shown to the institution of the council, the people of Hoboken and last for the long suffering employees of Hoboken University Medical Center.

In the video clip below, Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin explains the parking agreement requires an additional vote to align the closing to today so the hospital can meet its payroll under the new owners Holdco.

In a back forth with the Corporation Counsel, Councilman Mike Russo disputes the closing will be delayed and then after the vote mocks the hospital’s plight.

This video is complete and uncut but for the meandering Tim Occhipinti who is edited out:

Talking Ed Note: The sabotage of Hoboken and the Hoboken University Medical Center is out in the open. As MSV has stated, MORTe with Beth Mason the head of its sabotage wants to kill the hospital and is doing everything possible to make that result occur.

Commenters are talking about MORTe’s objectives and some say it’s to force Hoboken back into receivership with the State and others a destructive path for Hoboken. Both may be right.

In the end MORTe wants one thing for Hoboken, city employees and the mayor: death.

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