Hoboken’s Inheritance, can one inherit entitlement in the political class here?

A new artful voice has swept over the Mile Square and this one speaks as an elder to the legacy of America in a common sense manner of speaking.  As in the revolutionary days, the pamphlet is slipped from person to person quietly, the message being the key component not its author.  The Hobokenite author’s handle, T. Paine harkens back to when arguments stood on their merits, pomposity was dreaded as an anachronism to be avoided at all costs – unlike the current bellowing one hears too often at the Hoboken City Council.

So the newest voice among the vast array of growing Hoboken websites takes the land.  Read it slowly and carefully.  It is not just art, it is the weight of authority carried by a rich hearty voice of Americana in the finest tradition of our Republic.

A taste for those of who seek the challenges of both intellectual heft and wit:

Hoboken Shall Not Be Inherited (Pamphlet #3)

A new Hoboken writee has hit the scene
in the finest tradition of American “Common Sense”
It is an incomparable disgrace to witness the so-called “Entitlement Class” of modern aristocrats who now control the City Council unabashedly admit to an expectation of keeping that control as it were their fathers’ right to pass the house on to the child.  One of the many contemptuous notions of Hoboken’s Entitlement Class is that they feel they are deserving of the keys to the city (and more importantly the city’s coffers) because, they contend, to have suffered through the hard times, or because, more egregiously, their families have maintained such control for so many years.

Listen to them talk of their family names like Old World nobility as if the thieves who have sullied Hoboken’s name for their own benefit only could possibly own of anything that were noble.  Defend their reputations they do, praising the brethren, CONVICTED FELONS WHO STOLE MILLIONS FROM OUR CITY, as if they had committed minor mistakes since then repented.  Is it repentance to never pay back what you owe the residents of our fine city?  Is it repentance to avoid fines and penalties costs with lies and shifting of real estate to other family members?  Is it repentance to disgrace our city with selfish motives and to continue to play politics vicariously through disingenuous progeny?  Ignore the graft and corruption they do, speaking of the brief, good moments (“But we plowed the snow, did we not?”) while forgetting the painful, suffering, corrupt era that has spoiled so much of the potential of our fine city.  

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Talking Ed Note: Before you ask, MSV has not confirmed the author and can not reveal his identity other than to say it is not your host here as some have suggested.  However, there are echoes of similarity in our thoughts as we head toward the decisive citywide Council ward elections May 10th.
It’s only the heart and soul of Hoboken that’s at stake.

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