The Kurta for Council and Rami for Council campaigns announce:

On Monday night, Eric Kurta and Rami Pinchevsky held a joint city council campaign office grand opening. The room filled up quickly and was attended by residents from all over Hoboken who came to support the future council members. The energetic crowd cheered loudly as both candidates laid out strong platforms and gave motivational speeches to encourage participation.

Eric Kurta, who was also officially kicking-off his campaign for Hoboken City Council in the 1st Ward and announcing his new website ( at the event, spoke about his hands-on approach to problem solving. “I have been raking, sweeping, and shoveling my part of the neighborhood for nearly two decades. I do it because the work needs to get done, because I have the tools, and because I enjoy doing my part to make my community better. I am running for City Council for the same reason.”

Kurta is supportive of Mayor Zimmer and describes her ideas as refreshing and forward-thinking. He is adamantly against Hoboken’s political tradition of corruption, saying “we deserve a council representative who will work for the public interest, not their own self interest.”

Rami Pinchevsky, candidate for Hoboken City Council in the 4th Ward, spoke briefly about the important issues facing the 4th Ward and the whole of Hoboken. “For too long, corruption and incompetence have held back our city. This May, we can do something about it.” He then went on to stress the importance of participation, saying “we have websites, facebook pages, signs, stickers, and now, an office. But, we were missing the most important part. Now that you are here, we have everything we need to win this election.”

Eric Kurta, a 20 year resident of Hoboken’s 1st Ward, has a long history of community activism. A former president of People for Open Government, Kurta led the successful fight to strengthen Hoboken’s pay-to-pay laws, reducing the influence of outside special interests groups in local elections. A board member of Hoboken Revolt, Kurta served as a central voice in ensuring fiscal responsibility in Hoboken government. Kurta is also a Commissioner on the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority.

For more information about Eric Kurta, or to get involved, please visit and on facebook at For photos of the event, visit

Rami Pinchevsky is a long-time resident and community activist in the 4th Ward. As professional actuary, Rami has spent his professional career analyzing employee benefits, measuring value, and assessing risk to help companies become as efficient with their finances as possible. Now he wants to help Hoboken become as efficient with its tax dollars as possible, and he will be able to use his expertise to review bills, budgets, and paperwork to make informed, independent decisions.

For more information about Rami Pinchevsky, or to get involved, please visit and on facebook at For photos of the event, visit

Eric and Rami at their campaign office opening at Willow and First St.

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