Did you get your Beth Mason telephone push poll/message test?

Da Horsey was invited to attend the Republicans of Hoboken speaker series bash last night at the Madison and it was a wall to wall success with over 100 people attending.

Arriving during the main course, dinner made for some good shots, and there was a bevy of politicos in the house.  More on that later.  The poll was all people wanted to talk to Da Horsey about.  People gulping down beautiful pieces of marbleized meat with whippy smooth potatoes dying to tell Da Horsey about “The Poll.”  Okay, MSV did receive a warm welcome from the event’s hostesses’ and some of the finer lasses in the room but enough about that for the moment, what about Beth?

Well unlike most official advertising where a candidate signs the bottom with their name appearing as part of a campaign requirement, telephone polls don’t have to identify who paid for the deed.  Many believed the recent one regarding parks keeping the circuits busy in town was sponsored by Beth Mason, but that is in fact erroneous.  This one however was loaded to the gills with all kinds of negative ideas planted in the harshest light with tells looming larger than if a poker player fell down drunk in front of you with their cards.  In short, this was a political hit job, a long one taking maybe 15 minutes and it costs some real coin.  That also points to  Beth Mason.  Here’s Beth Mason identifying some of the poll themes you will be asked about in her minon crafted speech at the last City Council meeting.  Can you keep count of how many?

Okay, not a bad premise but can you be certain this poll is a Beth Mason production?  Well how does the erroneous statement about the surplus grab you for starters?  This poll says it’s $27 million!  The true figure is $14.7.  Yup, Beth Mason has added a cool $7 million to her earlier surplus fib.  Who else would have the chutzpah to do that?  

MSV received a comprehensive layout of the poll and so without further adieu we’ll try to relay as much as accurately (and humanly) possible.

The poll surveyed all of the following.  Da Horsey’s comments are in brackets:

Are things going in the right direction in the city?
What’s the most important problem facing the city? (Can you say Beth Mason?)
Rate the following politicians: very favorable, favorable, less favorable, least favorable: Carol Marsh, President Obama, Anthony “Stick” Romano, Ruben Ramos, Dawn Zimmer, Brian Stack, Mike Lenz, Beth Mason, Hoboken Fire Department?, Peter Cunningham, Perry Belfiore, Scott Delea.  (Notably absent names: the Russos: Mike Russo and Terry Castellano and also 6th ward Councilman Nino Giacchi.)

Next rate Dawn Zimmer’s Job Performance.  Rate Beth Mason’s performance.  (Oh they are peers, isn’t that fascinating?)

Rate very favorable, favorable, less favorable, least favorable: Peter Cunningham (5th ward incumbent Councilman), Perry Belfiore, Scott Delea.

What’s your opinion of Carol Marsh vs. Freeholder Anthony Romano?

What’s your opinion of how the city is doing: good or bad on:
repairing the waterfront, open and honest government, holding down taxes.

The budget surplus is $27 million.  (It is Beth? Give it all back! You promised Beth!)
Some opinions are to keep it in a reserve account, use it to raise the bond rating, use some for a 5% tax cut (Hey Beth that’s the mayor’s idea).  Other ideas are that the surplus is too high because the tax rate is too high and the surplus should be returned because left in the hands of professional politicans and government hacks, they’ll spend it on special interest groups, friends and patronage jobs and will never trim the fat from the budget and cut taxes by 20% or more.

(Gee this message has been trotted out some earlier.  Where do you think you’ll be reading about that soon?  Trust us the Mason411 minion is working hard on this right now.)

Statement on Public Figures (this is an agree or disagree selection):
Beth Mason is for good government and stand for the rights of everyday people
Leave the surplus in the hands of politicians and they will find ways to spend it
Beth Mason cares about people like myself (Can I answer this one pretty please?)
(Mayor) Dawn Zimmer is proposing a $20M bond for parks in a master plan agreement. Do you agree or not:
Do you support (5th ward councilman) Peter Cunningham?
Do you know about a legal contract to an attorney who contributed to his campaign?
Do you know about a website portraying council people as Nazis?  Are you offended by this if you knew it was a Zimmer appointee on the Hoboken Zoning Board.  (Actually the mayor doesn’t appoint Zoning Board members, see Peter Cammarano for more on that.)

Perry Belfiore is retired and has pledged to be a full time councilman.  Are you more or less likely to support him?  (Perry Belfiore has denied via email he is retired by the way.)

Peter Cunningham is a registered Republican, changed to Democrat, voted for Chris Christie and supports his agenda.  Are you likely or less likely to support him.  (Nice going there Mason411 minion.)

Peter Cunningham wants to keep a slush fund and hold onto the surplus.  (More Mason411 bile – way to go Beth!)

Peter Cunningham sent an email saying there was no place left in Hoboken for long term residents.  Are you more or less likely to support him?  (Sling that mud minion!)

Peter Cunningham supports eliminating the Seniors Citizen Shuttle Service.  Are you more or less likely to support him.  (Going really deeper into the mire now.)

Peter Cunningham made a back room deal with Russo in favor of giving a campaign supporter a job/benefit.  Are you more likely or less likely to support him?  (We’re tracking below sewer level now – go Beth go!)

Are you likely or less likely to support these people knowing the following:
Mayor Zimmer tried to prevent Beth Mason from spending her own money.  (Wheely? Wheely Mason?)
Mayor Zimmer hired Business Adminstrator for $150,000 who is already receiving a pension.  (Damn that competent Arch Liston.)
Mayor Zimmer accepted campaign money from a campaign committee.  
Mayor Zimmer put a gag order on employees threatening them with being fired and losng their pension.  (Gotta turn out that city worker vote!)
Mayor Zimmer hired a political consultant on the payroll for $75,000 and sent them out to distribute campaign literature on city time.  (Wow that’s a really bad Mason411 lie.)
Ravi Bhalla circumvented campaign finance law (Gee Beth, you don’t say)
Beth Mason used her PAC to increase her personal contribution (Wheely?)
Carol Marsch conspired with the HCDO PAC to conceal develops contributions that paid for her election for state assembly.  (Beth didn’t you read the Mason411 speech on this at just the last meeting?)
David Mello had his car ticketed and towed.  (Can impeachment be far off now?)

Last, Beth Mason’s consultants want to know whether you rent or own, your age range  and where you get your local news.  The poll asked if you read: the Hoboken Reporter, the Jersey Journal, Mile Square View, the Hoboken Journal, and Hoboken411.  Hey Claire, see what quoting the minion as the public on Hoboken Patch gets you?!  Maybe you and other members of the press will finally learn nothing good happens when you listen to (and quote) a pathological liar. 

Talking Ed Note: If you had any doubts this long poll was conducted for Beth Mason, who else would steal her and her Mason411 minion’s material and use it in a poll?  That’s some really crazy ops approach.  She clearly has designs on taking down Councilman Peter Cunningham and considering helping Perry Belfiore move into the fray.  Hey at least this time, he’s not away at a family funeral.  Stay classy Beth!

Also at the Lincoln Dinner, between gulps diners wanted to let us know that the Beth Mason poll is targeted by ward for your participating pleasure.  In the 4th ward, one of the targets is council candidate Rami Pinchevsky.  Now you didn’t think Beth Mason would just abandon her $13,400 puppet investment did you?

For those wondering how long the kinder, gentler Beth Mason would last, the answer is not very.  This poll is clearly designed less to gather information – where do you get you local news for example, then it is to go after her political enemies.  Who is a political enemy you ask?  Anyone who is not bought and paid for by Beth Mason.   

If you receive this poll, make sure to tell them you read MSV and the Hoboken Journal. Tell them you don’t read Mason411 if at all possible.  You don’t really read the Mason411 minion’s political screeds there do you?  Instead tell them you also read Hoboken Patch.  Take that minon!

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