Hoboken411 takes the green

We just got additional information on Hoboken411’s advertising payments from the campaigns to this point.

The Mason Campaign has paid $2487 and Frank “Pupie” Raia has paid $2500. Well that at least explains why Frank was left off the Hoboken411 “informational” slime email.  If I was on the Frank Raia campaign I would demand a refund.  They got doubly slimed by Perry and this clear electioneering email violation.

Grafix Avenger weighed in and submitted their displeasure on the Hoboken411 electioneering email with a graphic and well that pretty much sizes it up.

Talking Ed Note: Other than taking an artistic approach, others are now acting to voice their displeasure to the authorities, printing out the Hoboken411 electioneering email and faxing it as stated in reader comments:

Here’s the fax number for investigations of ELEC violations:
Requests for Investigations: (609) 943-5280

For anybody who would prefer to forward the e-mail electronically, the e-mail of the County Clerk is: 

In Defense of Hoboken411:
Well we have our first (maybe last) official comment coming in from the less than creative “guest” on the citations against Hoboken411.  They are attempting to make a moral equivalence between ads, random google ads, an editorial endorsement and the electioneering email Perry abused people with earlier.

All we can say to that familiar voice is “Good luck with that.”  Please come again.  But at least pick something more original than guest next time.  And how does it feel to be on a censor free site?  Are you sure you are up to this?  Take care of you and yours.  Tomorrow this will all be over.  Except for the ELEC violations squad.  They will be very busy!

Update: 9:05 Our “guest” has returned in comments with silly accusations of payment non-disclosure.  When we get paid for the few blogger ads we’ll let you know “guest.”  Until then you may need to have your legal citations reviewed on behalf of Hoboken411 so they can begin addressing the ELEC complaints that are arriving as we speak.  Every candidate has taken their lumps and none has been a crybaby, not one.  

Except you.

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