Hoboken411 Email Slimefest

We are being assaulted with numerous reader accounts of a new low from Hoboken411 with a political hit job email.  Perry Klaussfurher is leading the last second desperate charge, using every email he’s accumulated under the sun apparently, including all the people who failed to meet his censorship standards.

The communication is thinly disguised as a please get out to vote note and then quickly goes into attack mode against Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Kimberly Glatt.  Hey Perry, you forgot to include Frank “Pupie” Raia in the attack.

It should be noted that Perry is still pushing the Stophidingthebudget video by Team Mason taken at City Hall’s last City Council meeting.  Even with three interviews from Hoboken Now, the Hudson Reporter and Mile Square View, he’s pushing the fabrication that Judy Tripodi has already addressed in detail on lowering taxes and the budget’s release this month.

We suggest everyone send it back to Perry with the following tag:

Where is the required “Paid for by beth mason for mayor” line in your email ad? This is being forward to the NJ Board of Elections for action. 

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