Hoboken411 coercion case scheduled for March 6th in Jersey City

The criminal coercion case between Hoboken411 and local Hoboken businessman Rory Chadwick is scheduled for March 6th, 1:00 pm in Jersey City.

It’s unclear if Perry Klaussen has a defense lawyer and if he will also find himself represented by the Office of Elise DiNardo.  That law office is believed to provide representation for Mason political operatives past and present.   One currently involves a paid political operative for harassment against an elected BoE official with a young daughter.

MSV reached out for comment to Beth Mason but she was said to be out of town on family business earlier this week.

Talking Ed Note:  We’re seeing heavy traffic on this alleged coercion case but can assure our readers MSV is taking precautions to ensure the website stays up.  Da Horsey is prepared to absorb a million hits if need be so you can see the exclusive story.

MSV would also like to wish good luck to Ray Smith who in a tweet earlier announced this is his last day at the Hoboken Reporter.  Ray broke a number of stories providing journalistic grit and context not seen in these parts, including the massive vote by mail anomalies coming out of the fourth ward in the Tim Occhipinti and BoE elections.

Thanks Ray for your noble service and best of luck at PolitickerNJ!

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