Don’t get mad at the Old Guard, get even

People seem downright ornery after last night’s special City Council meeting.  Da Horsey wonders if some of it rubbed off on us here at the stable.  After watching almost an hour of Councilman Michael Russo question every comma on dozens of legal cases, a carrot with hemlock washed down with a vodka chaser looked like a better option.

It was that bad.

So in honor of another useless obstructionist MORTe performance, an ingenious idea has been hatched by MSV reader Furey with a suggestion everyone change their WIFI name to this:

The City of Hoboken can act as a decoy for the Boys of Summer making MORTe and the Old Guard miserable.

We’re looking for people to move quickly on this idea beginning with the first ward on lower Hudson, the second ward in the area of ninth street, the third ward in the area of Church Towers and in the fourth ward the former pet shop on Observer.

Related: Grafix Avenge notes Tim Occhipinti also blocked the funding to take down the gutted out building that burned down in December on Jackson Street.  The owner has failed to act so the City is doing so.  Or so it had hoped.

For those who were conned into the vacant eyes of Tim Occhipinti and thought he was an okay guy at a charity clearinghouse over chili where he promotes himself, this is what you voted for and if that doesn’t make you ill, watch the tape and you’ll shudder.

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