BoE and HEA jointly announce contractual agreement reached

Hoboken Board of Education and Hoboken Education Association announce:
Hoboken Education Association, Board of
Education Pleased to Announce New Contract
Local tax levy maintained for 3rd
year in a row with no sacrifice of educational excellence
Hoboken, NJ – The Hoboken Board of Education and the members
of the Hoboken Education Association, which represents teachers, clerical
employees, computer technicians and transportation employees, are pleased to
announce the successful resolution of the contract for the 2011-2014 school
years. The contract maintains the local tax levy at the same level for the
third year in a row. As a result of concessions from both the association and
the board, this contract actually reduces costs for salaries and benefits while
maintaining high standards of educational excellence.
 “As educators, we are
pleased that the contract has been successfully settled and we look forward to
continue our work with the Board of Education, parents, and the community to
ensure that every child in Hoboken receives a great education,” said HEA
President Gary Enrico. “Under this new agreement, students will receive more
instructional time and staff will have more time for high-quality professional
 “The Board of
Education is happy that this contract will improve educational opportunities in
this community while continuing to keep taxpayers’ needs in mind,” said Leon Gold,
a Board member and member of the Board’s negotiating team.  “As a result of the health benefits change,
the district will be saving money while increasing instructional time for the
students and the employees will get fair raises.  That is a win for all sides.”
The contract added more than 20 minutes of instructional
time to the elementary school schedule, added an extra period to the high
school schedule, and added two additional work days to the calendar for staff.
One of those days will be used for the instruction of students and one will be
used for professional development activities that will help staff continue to
implement innovative programs.
The contract spans three years and will increase the funds
available for staff salaries by 2.8 percent in year one, 3.8 percent in year
two, and 3.8 percent in year three. There were no increases in longevity
payments for each of the three years. There were small increases in stipends
and the hourly rates in the second year of the contract only. There was an
addition of one step to the teacher’s salary guide in year three of the
contract. In addition, some high school teachers may be required to teach an
additional class with additional compensation.
The members of the HEA will move to the state school employees’
health benefits plan as of July 1, 2012, a move which will save the district
more than one million dollars.
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