Hoboken411 caught redhanded in massive theft

Hoboken411 the notorious cyber sewer website run by Perry Klaussen is in trouble with the law again.  This time Hoboken411 took a group of pictures from a local photographer’s efforts at a Wallace School fundraiser last year and posted them as part of a political screed against the nemesis of his fellow Beth Mason political operative lackeys.

In Hoboken411’s latest theft, all the local photographer’s watermarks were stripped and the photos posted.  Klaussen wrote on his website the photos were given to him.  (He’s used this ruse before.)

The target of Perry Klaussen’s obsessive fixation, Grafix Avenger is shared by Mason political operatives and the focus of last week’s blanketing attack of flyers eerily mirroring the allegations in the SLAPP suit.

On the surface, the flyer targets a BoE race but any close review shows it doesn’t help Move Forward. At all.

The obsessive politics of the flyer have everything to do with the maniacal targeting of a satirist in a SLAPP suit and nothing to do with helping elect an Old Guard backed slate to the BoE.

Grafix Avenger confirmed a witness to the flyer attacks two weeks back on the departing Director of Parking and Transportation Ian Sacs were seen stacked in huge piles inside the Beth Mason Civic League “Art Gallery” at 12th and Washington Street.

As for Hoboken411, all the photos from the Wallace School fundraiser last year along with other pictures from the Kids First kickoff have been pulled down.

Will someone be taking legal action against Hoboken411’s latest blatant theft?
Hoboken411 is in trouble with the law again.  This time he took a boatload
of pictures from a local photographer and stripped the watermark
for use in a hit piece on Grafix Avenger.  

Hoboken411 apparently received a warning from the photographer and was forced to take down the numerous photos used in the political hit job. The removal doesn’t preclude the photographer from taking legal action for the theft and use of their property.

MSV has had problems with the theft of photos from this website.  Hoboken411 is still on the active theft to be acted on at a time our choosing list for illegally stealing and using a photograph of Council President Peter Cunningham.  He currently sits in the two hole behind the 2011 Hoboken king of copyright theft Scott Delea.

Kurt Gardiner of the Hoboken Journal added some thoughts and questions for Perry Klaussen.  Gardiner was pictured in one of the stolen photographs at the Wallace School fundraiser before it was unceremoniously pulled down.

Gardiner submits:

Here is my response to the following quote in a Hoboken 411 political hit piece written yesterday attacking Nancy Pincus and Kids First. For whatever reason Perry Klaussen of the infamous smear blog decided to finally name me by name after all these years in his feckless, weak minded, and flaccid shot across the bow as his website is consumed by his own hubris and Japanese twitter bots designed to prop up his falling traffic numbers. 

“Present in one of the photos is political supporter and failed Freeholder candidate Kurt Gardiner (who is also a puppet).”

Perry- Really? Seriously? That is the best shot you can take? Man, as an anti Zimmer hate blogger you are really off your A game (not that you ever had one). Talk about projection  If there ever was a puppet it is you. I am not the one to take campaign money for political ads, you are. Rather than take money from politicians I give money to the ones who I feel are best suited to govern the City of Hoboken. Hardly the makings of a puppet.  

For the readers of MSV, if you should see Perry Klaussen slime-ing up Hobokens’ sidewalks ask him any one of these questions:

  • Are you currently on any politician’s payroll?
  • How many bars have you been kicked out of in Hoboken?
  • When was the last time you got free food for saying you are editor of Hoboken411?

Hoboken411 went from the premier website on Hoboken in 2006 to the shit show it is today. Numerous people I speak to on a daily basis simply can’t stand it and no longer read it for its constant negativity. It doesn’t in any way attempt to seek the truth, but merely take shots at an enemies list concocted by a Beth Mason minion that as of late has become completely unhinged from the confines of cyberspace. And there is Perry Klaussen dutifully executing his hits against the concerned citizens of Hoboken who actually pay taxes and give a damn. 

If there ever was an old guard lackey with a website for the Old Guard corruption it is Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411. 

Talking Ed Note: Grafix Avenger has more smoking out the skunks on midnight flyers and the theft by Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen who is just doing the job of his political paymaster.  A quick look at Hoboken411 doesn’t show any sustaining advertisement.  
Who’s paying to keep Hoboken411 afloat?  
Update: Hoboken411 has now put the photos back up again!  This time Perry Klaussen uses the frame of Facebook which may be illegal too.  The photographer may not find the latest wrinkle in theft of his work so endearing.
The photographer has stated bluntly on his Facebook page he does not consent to Hoboken411 publishing his work.  The watermarking of photographs on Facebook is a legal protection to artists no matter how they are published there.
What’s fascinating is the total lack of scruples by Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen and like the Old Guard, they constantly project onto everyone else when all they need to do is look in the mirror to see what everyone else sees clear as day.

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