Breaking: FBI Data Theft Conspiracy reveals alleged hacked info to Fire Chief Richard Blohm, former PSD Angel Alicea and Police Chief Anthony Falco

Two possibly three municipal officials allegedly linked in testimony by former BA Arch Liston

In an unexpected blockbuster revelation, a court hearing involving a former City official connected to the massive FBI Data Theft Ring reveals two officials receiving the alleged emails are Fire Chief Richard Blohm and former Public Safety Director Angel Alicea.

Additional testimony suggests Hoboken Police Chief Anthony Falco may have also been on the receiving end of information obtained illicitly from the mayor’s office at City Hall.

Fire Chief Richard Blohm at a City Council meeting back in 2011 was named as allegedly
receiving illegal communications from the mayor’s office according to testimony in Newark
today by former Business Administrator Arch Liston.

Former Business Administrator Arch Liston revealed the information earlier today as reported on another local blog.  Liston’s testimony stated emails from the mayor’s office were being leaked to Richard Blohm and Angel Alicea having been forwarded from IT manager Patrick Ricciardi’s office.

The revelation comes in the wake of an administrative hearing for Jonathan Cummings who worked closely with former IT manager Patrick Ricciardi, arrested last November just after election day for his admitted role in the massive looting of electronic communications in and out of the mayor’s office.

The data theft took place with the setup of an automated download folder by Ricciardi, involving tens of thousands possibly a hundred thousand electronic communications of anyone and everyone in touch with the mayor’s office.

Former Public Safety Director Angel Alicia back in April 2011 at a City Council meeting.

Liston said the emails had no business being “forwarded to these people” confirming for the first time at least two or three people in the massive email theft possibly referenced in the FBI complaint last November.

Blohm is declining comment citing an order by City Hall not to release information inappropriately to the media without authorization.  Alicea could not be reached for comment at publication time.

Liston further outlined suspicion arose over a two to three month period when he would receive OPRA requests on documents that had just come to him.  Calling it “a pattern,” Liston detailed a request would hit his desk only a day or two after he obtained specific documents.

In May 2011 a forensic team was called in to examine the City’s servers.  They detected the leaked information in Ricciardi’s computer which led to his sudden dismissal and the FBI swarming City Hall later that month taking boxes of documents, computers and other materials with them.

Liston indicated one specific item leaked concerned a candidate for public safety director.  The information hit the street and “people were doing background checks.”

In another explosive revelation, Liston revealed that confidential information reached “the fire and police chief.”

In a brief phone interview with MSV, Hoboken Police Chief Anthony Falco said this was the first he’d heard about anything on Liston’s comments regarding leaked information on the mater of a public saftety director.  “I’m going to get the bottom of it.  This is the first I’m hearing of it.  Let me do that before (complete) comment.”

Council members Michael Russo and Beth Mason back in April 2011 placed a wide ranging request in a council resolution for all emails of the mayor’s office and two of her aides covering the exact timeline of Ricciardi’s intrusion.

Mason gave contradictory answers on her viewing that information on July 1st, 2011 to MSV and later in City Council that fall replying directly to MSV in a council meeting saying she had not seen the information.

Michael Russo declined to answer earlier inquiries back in City Council back in May last year when MSV directed questions to him on the matter.  In the fall he was reported on the Jersey Journal saying he had not received any direct information from Patrick Ricciardi.

The hearing for Cummins in Newark today was part of his effort seeking to regain his job at City Hall.  He recanted admission of his involvement in the DTR after initially taking the blame.  It’s unknown what his full knowledge was of Patrick Ricciardi’s actions.

Patrick Ricciardi remains free on bond and has not been indicted with related charges by the US Attorney’s Office.

Police Chief Anthony Falco was named by former Business Administrator
Arch Liston as allegedly seeing information on a confidential
public safety director candidate.

Talking Ed Note: So it begins anew.  MSV knew this likely avenue long ago and shared as much as legally possible with Premium members.  Did you think those FBI stories with the Hoboken Fire Boat was just a coincidence?

MSV will be back with a related exclusive to this story.

Partial quotes in this story originally appeared on Hoboken Patch.

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