Former BA Arch Liston’s parting gift: blows the roof off looting at City Hall

Former BA Arch Liston gives Hoboken one more gift with DTR conspiracy testimony

The reverberations late Friday with testimony pointing to two alleged recipients of confidential emails from the mayor’s office haven’t fully taken hold but fear and trepidation is being felt from Hoboken, Newark, Las Vegas and all points in-between.

The Data Theft Ring revelations are creating the kind of chaos that would make a zoned out Hunter Thompson proud.

The former Business Administrator a tough, take no gruff former police officer moved on from Hoboken but gave the city a parting gift in his testimony in the Jonathan Cummins administrative hearing.  Cummins seeks to obtain his job back; this after he lied admitting responsibility to the Feds who was behind the massive looting of the communications in the mayor’s office.

Cummins’ administrative hearing presented an opportunity but not what he, his friend Patrick Ricciardi or anyone in the Old Guard would have desired.  Incriminating public testimony on what’s only been whispered and hinted at in MSV Premium for months is now spreading across the City.

Former BA Arch Liston seen here in June 2011 handed Hoboken another
gift with his testimony Friday.  How will the US Attorney’s Office act with
 the public witnessing public officials unveiled in their ongoing investigation?

Liston publicly put a face on at least part of where confidential information went naming two email recipients.  The FBI complaint detailed LIMITED information on what the government knew about the data theft conspiracy and it’s had the keys to the kingdom in its hands for almost a year and a half.

The FBI never let on what they knew and how much they knew on the Data Theft Ring conspiracy:

I, Christian Schorle, am a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation (“FBI”).  I have knowledge ofthe facts set forth below from my involvement in the investigation… Since this
affidavit is submitted for the limited purpose of establishing probable cause to support the
issuance of a complaint and arrest warrant, I have not included each and every fact known by the 
government concerning this investigation.  

As the FBI criminal complaint against Patrick Ricciardi detailed, he did not pass over information to two people on a whim.  At the very end of the complaint, a clearer tell as to what was truly going on is presented and unfortunately overlooked:

Defendant RICCIARDI forwarded certain Intercepted E-Mails to Individual 1 and
Individual 2 at the request o f Individual 1 and Individual 2.


MSV got into an online disagreement on this exact point months ago with another commenter.   What the FBI made clear was the Data Theft Conspiracy ring was not LIMITED to these two officials but two conspirators had gone to Patrick Riccardi seeking illegal information.

How did these two people know to go to Patrick Ricciardi and request confidential information from the mayor’s office?  They clearly knew because…


Last May, Mayor Felix Roque and his son were charged for actions far less consequential in the computer intrusion of a HCDO computer hosting an obscure website that sought recall of the West New York mayor.  That crime pales in comparison to the absolute full scale pillaging of the mayor’s office where tens of thousands possibly more than 100,000 individual communications were looted AT WILL.

MSV has learned the limited revelations to the public are already causing strong jitters in the Old Guard camp.  While they were well aware of the two figures Liston pinned in his testimony, they surely didn’t expect it would reach the public in this way.

One report described someone looking “scared” Friday night adding “frightened might be a better word.”  This person would not be typically thought as foolish enough to have gotten mixed up in the Old Guard’s shenanigans and has previously said in matter of fact tones Patrick Ricciardi would have to pay for his crimes.  More recently when the subject of the DTR came up, they sounded far more combative on what might come from the FBI investigation.  In an almost confrontational tone, they demonstrated an almost personal investment in the issue growling, “We’ll see about that.”

Liston in another explosive revelation, stated confidential information had found its way to the Hoboken Police Chief Anthony Falco.  It’s not alleged Chief Falco did anything illegal or was involved himself in the DTR but Liston’s testimony points to at least one person in or closely connected to the Hoboken Police Department having obtained illicit information.  The name of a confidential Public Safety Director candidate was under review and before that information was available background checks were being performed.

What Liston’s testimony also reveals in this aspect is the distribution of information out of the mayor’s office was widespread.

Which Hoboken grifter family has close ties to the Police Department?  Who in City Hall deemed “the Hub” in MSV Premium also shares those ties and would be willing if not eager to share useful information?

The Data Theft Conspiracy has legs.  Always did.  The next question is what does the US Attorney’s Office do now that information in its investigation has become public.  There’s means of action available whenever an investigation sees unplanned developments as in this case.

The big question is how will the Feds act and will it be before or to their policy – after the election?

Either way, somethings got to give.

Related:  MSV broke a story last May of another person making clandestine visits to Patrick Ricciardi’s remote third floor office at City Hall.  The visits took place during the exact time of Ricciardi’s massive looting of the mayor’s office.  That person was:

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411

Pathological mayor hater Perry Klaussen was at Ricciardi’s City Hall office
repeatedly during the massive illegal looting of electronic communications.
His bitterness is partly due to Beth Mason’s failure to get him on the City dime in 2009.

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