Hoboken Watergate smolders in 20/20 Vision

As Hoboken’s emerging Watergate scandal smolders, there’s competing events in the Mile Square today.  In the northeast part of town Maxwell’s will be holding an outdoor party starting at 4:00 saying goodbye to all its friends, fans and family celebrating its cultural contribution, cemented in the region’s music history.

On the others side of town back on Marshall Drive, Hoboken Housing Authority Director Carmelo Garcia will be holding his first Vision 20/20 meeting at 6:00 pm when most Hoboken residents are busy at work.

Which do you think will see the better turnout?

For those who don’t attend the Marshall Drive dog and pony Carmelo Garcia show, will Mr. Carmelo be making a tape for the 99.9% of non-HHA Hobokenites who won’t be there?

There’s no comprehensive plan on Vision 20/20 for public review anywhere.

Today is the first Vision 20/20 presentation. For those who don’t attend at 6:00 pm will
there be a tape made available by Mr. Carmelo?

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