Hoboken’s Watergate scandal emerging – the Old Guard edition

Yesterday’s traffic was a summertime high with the increased buzz of an emerging yet to be told story about a breaking Watergate style tape becoming public.

The audiotape is believed coupled with a transcript and according to published reports features one prominent public and elected official who is recording others.

While the details are uncertain, a number of people in Hoboken are quite familiar – it’s the Mile Square’s Old Guard – but they don’t want to speak on the record, on background or admit they are worried the orchestrator of the audiography has in fact built a library on everyone, friend and foe.

In truth, the Old Guard are worried – for themselves.  The official involved in the taping is one of their own and the timing of the revelation is aligned with the controversy enveloping the Vision 20/20 plan.  With millions of dollars at stake, the timing couldn’t be worse for all involved.

As Patrick Ricciardi is scheduled to be sentenced this Friday, on that front the Old Guard is showing not concern but relief. They believe the Feds will be moving on to more challenging matters such as terrorism and they will all skate.

One former law enforcement official intimate to the Data Theft Ring Conspiracy spoke to MSV months ago and was livid with the lack of action in the two plus year old federal investigation.  “I could have made the one arrest myself,” he growled.  Other Hoboken residents working in public safety have complained about the lack of action too, angered by public revelations reflecting on their organization.

But now another scandal is emerging holding another set of keys to the kingdom, a potential library of tapes which could drop the dime on numerous members in the Old Guard. The intent of the taping is clearly to collect information for the purpose of blackmail at a later date.

As the slow drip of information continues to make its way to the public, the Old Guard is individually sweating wondering who’s next to go under the bus.

The Old Guard are worried one of their allies may hold secret tapes on them.
They won’t talk about it but at least one damning tape has leaked featuring a prominent official 

making them all very nervous if such an audio library finds its way into law enforcement’s hands.

Talking Ed Note: One commenter demanded to know why MSV did not have a Sunday story on the Sky Club melee.  Well that’s not our beat for one and two, it becomes newsworthy here when it becomes a political football which in Hoboken is almost inevitable.

Here’s the pics of the revelry from the Sky Club last weekend:!i=2659886024&k=X2f8SnX

An anonymous comment sounding intimate to law enforcement states the party served abundant amounts of alcohol illegally and says a man was almost killed writing: an event goer was nearly beaten to death by a group of event goers because the victim was dancing with a woman whose boyfriend (was) at the event. The man was brought to the hospital dead and was revived back to life. 10 minutes later the victim flat lined and was once again brought back to life. The victim is currently in the hospital with leaking fluids from his brain and in a coma. Police are searching for the assailants who got away, attempted murder charges will be brought against the assailants once apprehended.

Another incident at the Hoboken Housing Authority involving gun fire and a massive fight was reported yesterday in the Jersey Journal saying 8 arrests were made.  It’s unclear if the people in this incident were connected to the Sky Club party earlier.

Arrests reported: Hoboken residents, Curtis A. Brown, 18, of Harrison Street, Jeffrey Ferguson, Jr., 20, of Harrison Street, Derrick T. Delacruz, 20, of Marshall Drive, Hakeem J. High, 22, with a mailing address of Jackson Street, and John B. Smith, 19, of Harrison Street, and Tampa Florida resident Jerod A Stokely, 31.

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