Old Guard internecine warfare breaks out as Terry Castellano slams Ruben Ramos

Councilwoman Terry Castellano harshly strikes out at Ruben Ramos as she bows out for mayor

A blurb on the HR foretells the Hoboken mayoral race doesn’t close the door on more council candidates but an Al Sullivan column this weekend is likely to detail Councilwoman Terry Castellano will not pull the trigger and enter the race for mayor.

In doing so, Castellano doesn’t look like she’ll be bowing out gracefully.  She attacks Mayor Dawn Zimmer (no surprise) as she has since Peter Cammarano resigned due to corruption.

It’s Castellano’s harsh words against Ruben Ramos that are the surprise, harsh and loaded with a zinger; her son John is working for the Ruben Ramos campaign and she doesn’t like it saying, “I just don’t want people to think that I’m supporting Ruben just because my son is working for Ruben.”

Castellano appears to be bowing out being a candidate herself.  While she recently called Mayor Zimmer “beatable” several recent polls across the board show she’s viewed as a popular and effective mayor who has reduced spending, cut taxes almost 10% while saving the local hospital and with it Hoboken’s solvency.  Mayor Zimmer became a national figure in obtaining support nationally for Hoboken after Superstorm Sandy.

John Castellano was the co-campaign manager of the infamous Nazi Truck rolling Move Forward campaign which made national acclaim for stealing a graphic from MSV featuring Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen fishing a Nazi Swastika out of a urinal and flashing it on the moving truck all over town and posted outside both a BoE and City Council meeting on separate nights.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano appears to be bowing out as a candidate for mayor.  She’s not getting behind
mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos – anything but. She complains her son John is working for the Ramos campaign
but it’s only a job.  Well that’s “all cleared up.”

MSV reported back in early 2012 Terry Castellano was flirting with being a mayoral candidate.
She is a hardcore member of the Russo clan, cousin to Councilman Michael Russo and a consistent apologist for its corruption.

A commenter, Recallbeth on the HR short story had sharp words for Castellano and her role with the Hoboken Sopranos in attempting to sabotage the only viable buyer of the Hoboken University Medical Center writing:

ATTN Hoboken Reporter (and other media), when are you going to realize that we do not care what any of the Russo family have to say? Clearly their antics over the years have been unethical and borderline criminal (except in the cases where they have actually been indicted, see former mayor). Hoboken is changing or has changed and there is no longer a place in our community for corrupt individuals like these so it would be appreciated if the media would realize we sure as hell don’t want to hear these individuals opinions, their past actions speak for themselves. On that same note, Ms. Castellano, weren’t you the one who tried to kill the sale of the hospital? You have no right to criticize anyone as you almost single handily caused the city to file for bankruptcy. Shame on you. We will never forget!

Unrelated: Grafix Avenger has a report of intimidation and terror from someone who is anonymously stepping forward saying they are being threatened for not joining Carmelo Garcia’s Vision 20/20 band of Carmelitos and “marching” with them.

The email exchange recounts threats to children and the failure of residents to see any “HHA bill of rights,” as detailed in the sole documentation on Vision 20/20 – a brochure.

MSV highlighted this exact point appearing at a recent City Council meeting as Councilman Michael Russo attempted to interrupt and go on the attack.

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