Hoboken Streets on Silent Lockdown after FBI Haul at City Hall

After today’s official word came down of the FBI’s dash and carry at City Hall earlier today, the echoes of panic are not just taking hold, they are literally causing the mile square streets to freeze in a total lockdown gripped in fear.

Exhibit number one, Grafix Avenger dragging her Russo insider Deep Uvula out for a bath in the warm spring sun earlier today.

Much like moving a vampire from its coffin in daytime, the results weren’t exactly comfortable.   A couple of lines from the   petrified gelatin of flesh:

This is ugly.  Jail is no joke….
And stay off the fucking internet.  

Da Horsey earlier received some words of wisdom from the street from a second hand, unconfirmed source.  But there’s an erie similarity to Deep Uvula with a similar refrain on the matter of the active investigation: “That shit is fucked up.  Some people are going down.  A lot of people are going down.  I’m telling you, a lot of people are going down.”

MSV tried to get further confirmation but the party to the conversation assured us, it wasn’t possible adding the effort had been made and the reply was, “Nobody can say anything at all,” in response to even mentioning a list of names.

Talking Ed Note: The scorecard will be the proof in the pudding but MSV trusting its innate horse sense said the first casualty would not be the end, but only the beginning.  Nothing has transpired since to lead us to any other conclusion.

You don’t need a scorecard to notice that other than a random boink sighting here and there along with imploding lies tossed out by Hoboken411, the lockdown has been well underway and the marching orders have been issued.

Happy Nightmares Minions!

More from Grafix Avenger’s Deep Uvula:

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