More rumors and notes from all over

The political heat over town is elevating with the temperatures and even some commenters are getting antsy and chatting about how much is too much of some fill of one thing or another.  That’s all fine, MSV chooses to stay out of the comments and let people speak their minds without steering, folks are expected to regulate themselves so there is a minimum of interference.

But the rumors are flying out there and people are wondering where things will land.  Only the professional in law enforcement doing all the heavy lifting and ground work know.

According to a report on Grafix Avenger, the FBI has paid a visit to someone at Marine View.  A visit does not constitute criminality and so no names but one can conclude the heat is being turned up and this is just part of a thorough and professional job from the boys of summer in Newark.  MSV thanks them for their service in advance of this case.

Hoboken411 has gone with the Big Lie saying the FBI is investigating the Zimmer Administration.  Not 48 hours later, the FBI swept City Hall with the full blessing 
of City Hall’s invitation, destroying the attempt to deflect and spin another fantasy.

One commenter asked if what Hoboken411 is saying is true.  Well no, it’s like 75% full out lies, 20% distortion and 5% deluded reality when off meds.

Having said that, a cryptic email arrived saying a certain block of wood might be available to discuss more on these and other recent matters.  Told to be at Moran’s at a quiet time, Da Horsey trotted over expectantly.  
On arrival no one was in the bar, just an empty glass and this:
Guinness gone, leaving a telltale sign
Left by the glass was a small piece of plywood.  We asked the bartender was anyone there earlier asking for Da Horsey but he said no.  Asked who was at the bar recently, he seemed unawares and had no recollection on that either.
Minutes later the door bursts open and a blur flew by, mowed on the hunk of plywood leaving sawdust and not much else behind.  The description looked something like this:
Talking Ed Note:  The wheels of justice are grinding at their own speed and folks probably should dig in for a spell before expecting another shoe to drop.  In the meantime this symbol is important:
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