City confirms electronic communications breach: FBI investigating

City of Hoboken announces:

As a result of compromised security in the electronic communications within the City (in violation of 18 U.S.C.A. section 2511 and 1030), Mayor Zimmer’s office contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation notifying the agency of the potential breach. The FBI is investigating the matter with the full cooperation of the City. The FBI and the City request that anyone with information that may be relevant to this matter call the FBI’s Newark office at 973-792-3000.

Talking Ed Note:  MSV is breaking protocol to note it’s clear that the breach of “electronic communications,” is another way of saying emails.

In a phone call earlier with Councilwoman Beth Mason, she declined to comment saying she was unaware of the breaking situation and indicated nothing more needed to be said at this time.

It will be interesting if the resolution seeking emails of the mayor’s staff and local media and political campaigns moves forward with the FBI investigation underway.

MSV named near the top of the resolution and co-sponsored by Councilman Mike Russo is prepared to read some of the emails sent in response to the hundreds of releases from the City at the next City Council meeting.

TEN 2: A reader just submitted a sighting near City Hall:  

“just happened to see ‘a person’ loading an entire hand truck full of boxes of documents into a big black blacked out window SUV, that had government plates. When the SUV left town it seemed to be heading in the direction of FBI headquarters in Newark.”

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