Hoboken Sopranos use appeal power on Doyle to sabotage 900K funding

As MSV outlined in the lead-in to the council meeting, the Old Guard council members stayed true to form voting down the emergency appropriations for the City budget.

No, it’s not rocket science, it’s common sense that when you sue the residents of the City of Hoboken to keep off a legal appointment in Jim Doyle, you will wield power to enjoy the fruits of your “temporary” victory.

Tim Occhipinti squawked about tax increases repeatedly and was corrected by Jen Giattino on his sound byte falsity.

Councilman Russo complained about the surplus saying it’s not needed and made out the idea was a scam.  Councilwoman Giattino would later ask who is the municipal expert the four Old Guard council members would quote advocating for a zero surplus.

Of course killing the surplus helps in the next goal to the Old Guard agenda: force a tax increase.

Later, the Old Guard council would go ahead and kill the emergency appropriation.

Beth Mason complains about pennies for professional development of municipal workers while costing
Hoboken tens of thousands in her power grab for the Hoboken Sopranos in the Doyle lawsuit.

Talking Ed Note: The Carmelo Garcia HHA dog and pony show is now up.  These are the same characters who were screaming in favor of a lawyer not being rotated out and wearing “Benedict Jake” shirts.

The behavior in the council is at least far better at least than the HHA meetings.

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