City Council: emergency appropriations and HHA politics

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Tonight’s meeting should be one big mess.  Since Jim Doyle will once again be sitting in the audience in limbo, his blood pressure should be checked frequently as an artificial war will be played out on several levels.

First, the City is in a bad position on approving a good budget.  Tonight appropriations will continue to be a very, ugly stumbling ground.  Why?  Well, if you nullify a fifth vote which the Mason family underwritten lawsuit continues to do, you get to play political games and do as much harm to Hoboken and of course get at the mayor.

That’s ultimately what the Old Guard council lives for in these meetings.  Notice none of the four Hoboken Sopranos have missed one meeting since Judge Bariso ordered them all to attend and vote on Jim Doyle’s appointment.  It’s what we call in poker, a tell.

The huge news today of course is the partnership with the North Hudson Sewerage Authority and the City for a second pump.  A second pump is probably a game changer for Hoboken.  For the Old Guard it may just be unfathomable to see a second pump approved and installed on Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s watch.

Even after Hurricane Sandy?  Yes, the hatred to stop the change that’s working for Hoboken may be too hard for Russso, Mason, Occhipinti and Castellano to say anything other than they need more time and information to say yes to a low cost loan and approve a second pump for Hoboken.

Or will they see it as a losing proposition to fight it and allow a second pump to move forward?  Tonight won’t be the night as it will need to await the next council agenda.

MSV is on a hot streak after yesterday’s Fulop victory so we’ll go on the record and say it’s going to be a mixed bag with more sabotage aimed for the future, re: the Old Guard is dead set on killing the surplus which they have been trying to destroy for about two years now.  They were so close when Beth Mason held the chair in 2011 and they were thwarted and ran out of time as the State pointed out their incompetent figures.

Enter Councilwoman Jen Giattino and the surplus saved, what most any NJ municipal financial expert advises preserved.

Of course the Hoboken Sopranos are not interested in such things as best practices in government.  They are focused on usurping power, by hook or by crook.  Tonight a nice lady from the HHA will be put forward. Someone who will not vote or support any purview into the less than transparent Hoboken Housing Authority – because Carmelo Garcia doesn’t allow that in his fiefdom.  Scratching under the covers there, well – you can’t have that.

Which of course leads us to the HHA commissioner nomination tonight sponsored by Tim Occhipinti and Beth Mason.  Yes, the same people who have pumped thousands into the HHA during elections for “campaign workers,” in massive voter fraud for Timmy who also when not working on his campaigns set up meth labs in the HHA.

And oh about those hundreds of bags of heroin Mr. Executive Director Carmelo Garcia…

Prepare yourselves Hoboken.  When the Old Guard starts seeing power bases dwindling, they do their ugliest.  Tonight will not be an exception coming on the back of Michael Russo yelling “racist” at the last meeting.

The election is in November meaning we’re in the hot season.

The agenda:

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