Michael Russo to Council President Cunningham: You’re not Jesus Christ!

Ugly speech follows earlier attack of “racist” by Michael Russo at previous meeting

A failed 4-4 vote on HHA candidate Barbara Reyes led to the controversial political environment in recent housing authority meetings coming to the City Council.

Councilman Michael Russo during the contentious battle for political control over the Hoboken Housing Authority laid out an attack on Council President Peter Cunningham saying “You’re not Jesus Christ.”

Michael Russo took the Lord’s name in vain while playing HHA politics.
It follows his “racist” charge from the last meeting.
Well he has to get in his election speeches.

The taking of the Lord’s name in vain came with his asking legal opinion on Councilman Ravi Bhalla’s comments earlier on a housing authority candidate.

The HHA candidate Barbara Reyes sponsored by Mason and Occhipinti spoke among numerous housing authority residents focusing on service.

Occhipinti concluded with a personal attack on HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver saying he was “pushing a political agenda,” and did nothing for them failing to note his out-of-pocket

The HHA residents followed the vote yelling “We can, we will, watch us” in a chant briefly interrupting the proceedings.

Talking Ed Note: No reward for the Hoboken Sopranos for their continued lawsuit against the people of Hoboken.

The Old Guard council members are playing to the mob.  Taxpayers take note.

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