Hoboken Sopranos bringing on more ugly at 7:00

What do you do when your political agenda is exposed and voted down after midnight power plays without even a required minimum of council members present and you’ve played the race card twice right down to the KKK pillow case?

If you’re the Old Guard you do the dog and pony show all over ginning up the most exploited part of town to coerce others into doing your bidding.

That’s the grist for the mill rumor of what is on tap this evening.

Expect maximum grandstanding from the Old Guard council. If the question about their playing the race card arises again as it was two meetings ago, will Councilwoman Terry Castellano again respond in the affirmative saying “yes?”

That’s the only real drama in this astroturf version of the “We want, we demand, watch us get it,” cult of Carmelo rumored to be making another appearance.

With all the problems and questions unanswered as part of the historical record, you’d be surprised how little scrutiny comes in certain quarters. Has anyone even seen a true, fully documented Vision 20/20 plan?

If you ask for one and question the impact on ALL OF HOBOKEN, well you know what the answer is?


The person telling you will be a councilman who’s lived all his life in subsidized lily white housing. At the last council meeting, one HHA resident said they can never get into Clock Towers or Church Towers.

Got racial hypocrisy?

The resolutions tonight:

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