Grist for the Mill: More Hoboken Housing Authority demands due tonight in City Council with return of rejected HHA candidate

Rumors of a “rally” and more “protesting” at the City Council with the Carmelo Garcia dog and pony show is anticipated at the meeting tonight with the repeated vote for the same candidate as HHA commissioner being pushed forward by the Old Guard council members.

In case you had any thought as to why, Carmelo Garcia needs to get a majority back under control.  The Old Guard also wants those votes in the HHA, even though these people had no clue the developer RPM was going to control the list for any new building.

Here is exhibit A on the candidate who was rejected at the last meeting.  Do you think this person will bring any professional oversight to the contractor in the form of Director Carmelo Garcia?  Watch Garcia’s reaction to her talking points, he almost looks eager to join her in saying them, there’s the answer to your question.

She apparently thinks the HHA board’s job is to rubber stamp whatever Carmelo Garcia says.  What she’s advocating of course is politics, Hoboken Syndicate Old School Style.

If you want to help the residents, help them and the commissioners often do but that’s not the crux of the position.  Jake Stuiver shelled out thousands of dollars for a Thanksgiving Dinner for the HHA residents for three years.

His reward?  He’s been defamed, screamed at in meetings, and seen both his name and family attacked in a coordinated attack by the HHA “leadership” – all because he tried to rotate in new counsel and an auditor.

To Carmelo Garcia that was a red line never to be crossed.  What exactly is the problem that needs hiding?

If you want to see the size of the HHA more than doubled with the unwritten Vision 20/20 plan, this is where it needs to start with a HHA board of commissioner yes votes for Garcia.

Mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos and his slate with HHA commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez, Joe Mindak and Laura Miani are supporting Garcia and Vision 20/20.

What say you Hoboken?

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