City payments jeopardized as Hoboken Sopranos vote down payment of claims

The claims portion of the meeting, often used for ridiculous grandstanding on bills of ridiculously low amounts in the hundreds in a $100 million budget entered a dire position when a 4-4 vote rendered payments void.

According to the Business Administrator Quentin Wiest, garbage collections for the firm Cali among many others were not paid in advance of the meeting although checks may be have been prepared.

In response to an impact inquiry after the claims were voted down, Councilman Michael Russo began yelling why every time his allies vote down an item, an inquiry is often made to the BA.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla replied saying, “The reason we ask the effect of these votes (on occasion)… is so the public can see what you’re doing… You’re preventing Medicare payments to get paid… You’re preventing the payment for trash (hauling).

Voting down the City claims for payment: Council members Terry Castellano, Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti and Michael Russo.

Councilman Michael Russo joins MORTe in voting down payment of the City’s bills.  He’d follow that complaining
why the BA is asked about what harm is done to the City as a result.

Talking Ed Note: The all out sabotage of Hoboken as predicted is underway.  Hoboken’s budget is under duress even before being presented.

The Hoboken Sopranos are eager to harm the City.

Update 11:30 PM Tim Occhipinti reversed himself on the claims at the end of the meeting to pay for a number of items including the carting for the firm Cali.  The total for various amounts was $1,116,495.10  Michael Russo stood by his sabotage as the rest of his allies folded.

Someone must have gotten to the Hoboken Sopranos and let them know word on their damage to the City was out.  Well it was reported here.  Word gets around fast.

An emergency temporary appropriations budget finally was approved with many sidesteps attempted to completely deplete the surplus.  The back and forth has reduced it to a mere 1.3 million.  No one among   the Hoboken Sopranos ever says what municipal finance expert of renown advocates for a zero budget surplus.

Advancing the ball to set the City up for harm and failure is their expertise.  Without Jim Doyle, the City is being harmed more with every subsequent meeting.  You can thank the Mason family for that.

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