(Beyond) Time to Lawyer Up!

Our colleague Grafix Avenger who was kind enough to extend licensing fees for our Street Money Mason store, received a delivery via Fedex earlier today.  This Fedex is similar in aspects to our source(s) and MSV can confirm the sources are not one and the same.

The similarities surrounding criminal defense attorneys coincides with information that’s recently reached Da Horsey.  MSV had been tracking a rumor on one council member a month back along these lines – before the FBI had publicly surfaced in town.

A discussion with that council member created a strange reaction but not conclusive, so we won’t name who it is for the moment.  Let’s just say the art of projection and puppetry is closely connected.

MSV will have more on this later and it’s slated for premium subscribers.  One thing we can share is that the criminal defense lawyer bills are anticipated to total well into seven figures, yes as in millions.

Ya gotta love this town.  Time to lawyer up!

Talking Ed Note: One of the best responses from a subscriber on our last content described it as “better than Leo’s sauce,” in reference to the downtown Italian restaurant.

Everything we’ve written is holding up and that means Da Horsey anticipates the timing will too.  If you haven’t subscribed, consider doing so, the big show is about to start:

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