Hoboken eyes expanded acre from Academy Bus for Southwest Park

The City of Hoboken is aiming to add another acre of land toward a Southwest Park.

The projected $4.5 million price tag squares with earlier similar costs potentially using the power of eminent domain over a lot with the same owners as Academy Bus for the downtown land.

Negotiations are anticipated based on a weekend report:

The Zimmer administration says it has met with the lot’s owners to negotiate the purchase of the 1-acre lot, which is adjacent to the planned site of Southwest Park on Observer Highway. For their part, Academy’s owners released a statement Friday saying they looked forward to “a constructive and informative discussion” with city officials over the fate of the property, which the city values at about $4-5 million.

The current .9 acres of land acquired is set for the initial Southwest Park. A plan for flood resiliency is part of the scope for construction as outlined in 2014.

For users of Hoboken’s Hudson Bike Share, it isn’t exactly “A day in the life of Ivan Denisovich,” but the welcome sign is down in Jersey City where an alternative competing private company in Citi Bike is set up.

Jersey City is discussing codifying measures to prevent its Mile Square neighbor from utilizing bike rack space on its turf.

Attempts to accommodate the competing bike share systems have failed to date.

The Jersey Journal writes:

Talking Ed NoteOver the weekend, Grafix Avenger relives what it’s like to be a “wartime consigliere” or a Russo faction pretender as Lane Bajardi explains to his pals in emails back in 2010.

Lane Bajardi in his self-ordained role as a “wartime consigliere”
appears on Grafix Avenger.

Napolean Complex anyone?

The never before seen emails are yet another insight into the demented twisted pathology of a failed political group trying to obtain control propelling the worst elements back into power when reform claimed the majority on the Hoboken City Council in 2009.

Of course Hoboken’s own Napolean Complex stars in the emails. How could he not?

Grafix Avenger featured more of the revealing emails obtained in the failed SLAPP-suit Bajardi v Pincus with a April Fool’s star studded revue:

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