Feds strike Hoboken!

Breaking: Reports of federal agents in Hoboken and at least several initial arrests.

Seeking confirmation on who and where is absorbing the blow. One person sent an email saying they saw several males and females in the well known blue FBI windbreakers.

8:35 Agents seen in more than one location. 
Send photos and any details to

8:39 One eyewitness reports four dark SUVs with lights flashing and sirens blaring
on Observer Highway heading in the direction of City Hall.
8:42: Word of FBI roadblocks. Both sides of Hudson Street are shut down
between 9th and 10th Streets.
8:45: Another location shut down? Now there’s an unconfirmed report the Feds have shut down Bloomfield St. in the vicinity of 7th.
8:50: Spectators overheard near Washington and 8th. One person says someone taken out of a Bloomfield brownstone in handcuffs. 
8:52: An uptown person texted MSV saying they saw an African-American woman near hysterical by the 10th St bus stop crying and yelling to no one in particular, “They got Carmelo!”
8:55 The same woman did a 180 and is heading toward Park Ave. mumbling something about she has to go home and get an umbrella. 
9:01: Now federal agents said to be “pouring” into City Hall.
9:06: Federal agent overheard asking, “Where’s Johnny Meleye’s office?”
9:16: Agents seen in lobby of 10 Church Towers. Bystanders yelling at the agents
telling them to get out. One overheard, “Why don’t you go arrest some yuppies?”
9:18: Text message says eyewitness heard a press conference will take place outside City Hall remarking, “This ain’t the Jersey guys. They have New York accents.” Vehicles with NY plates.
9:33: On phone with press office for Department of Justice for the Southern District of NY.
 Official says, “We can neither confirm nor deny an operation in Hoboken is underway.
9:40: One source says Feds won’t announce until “everyone is rounded up.”
9:50: Rumor at City Hall says press conference may take place outside midday.
9:53: MSV received a call from Verizon cable news. They asked for more hard info and asked if we could go do a live interview. Told them we’re too busy on the story.
9:57: Hudson Street is reopened. Agents reported leaving the scene but empty-handed?
Eyewitness says they were overheard saying, “She fled to Virginia.”
10:06 Going to head down to City Hall as no one in mayor’s office is responding to phone or text.
10:09 Someone thinks they saw the Hoboken411 douchebag Perry Klaussen at 1st and Washington yelling at passerbys, “They’re here for Zimmer!” 
People are ignoring him heading towards the PATH.
10:13 Klaussen is yelling and shaking his fist at the sky. Something about a “compost conspiracy.”
10:20: Some residents yelling back at Klaussen. One older man yells back, “Hope your dog chews your leg off. Where’s your ghostwriting minion?” 
Most are ignoring him. Don’t they do that online too?
10:26 Awaiting further details. Here’s how Hoboken411 reported re: Lane Bajardi ghostwriting his fantasy of lies at the last FBI raid back in 2011.
10:39 – Aliens land outside City Hall. Announce everyone must vote for Bernie Sanders
or feel the bern of their killer ray beams.  Mayor Zimmer on scene endorsing.
Not sure if she’s endorsing arrival of aliens or Bernie Sanders. 

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