Mo DeGennaro passes away

Mo DeGennaro a prominent Hoboken resident known for his booming voice at City Council meetings passed away earlier today.  He was according to one source and friend 72 and suffered recently from a respiratory problem.

In recent months the regular fixture at City Council meetings no longer attended.  He was known for his call for accountability of government officials and is famous for inquiring on the missing “million” from the Parking Utility.
Unlike some people who wished to sweep the problem under the rug, DeGennaro demanded that Hoboken’s best interest be the primary focus.
One of his other most famous public pronouncements was when he rose to say Beth Mason should never become mayor of Hoboken.  As someone who had supported her, he knew how her colors had changed.
Big Mo was a fixture at Council meetings.  His booming voice was heard inside and out.
His famous question on the Parking Utility ripoff makes him a beloved figure to many in Hoboken.
Mo was right to ask.  It had not been “cleared up.”
Talking Ed Note: MSV saw Mo at many a meeting.  We knew him long before he knew Da Horsey.  When we finally were introduced he made it clear he was a supporter of this website.  He would always encourage Da Horsey saying, “Keep it up.”
While two no people will agree on everything, he knew well enough that whatever we disagreed on was far outweighed by a mutual genuine concern for Hoboken.
MSV wishes to express its sympathy to the DeGennaro family on their loss.

Related: A Hoboken Policeman saved Mo’s life back in 2010.  It’s important to note:

Update: Visitation will be at Saint Ann’s R.C. Church, 7th & Jefferson Sts., on Monday, April 2nd, from 2 pm to 9 pm. The funeral mass will be Tues., April 3rd at 10 am at St. Ann’s.

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