Hoboken Advocate disputes Castellano’s characterization of ‘a mistake’

At the previous City Council meeting, Councilwoman Terry Castellano put out into the Hoboken ether a description of ex-mayor Anthony Russo’s ways as doing “something wrong.”

The clip as seen here November 7th from the previous City Council meeting is probably only a small taste of what is to come from the “new era” with Tim Occhipinti seated as fourth ward Councilman.

Although MSV can’t confirm it as there would be no response from Councilwoman Beth Mason on her aspirations to put the words ‘City Council President’ on her mass mailers for the spring Council elections, some key observers expect her to attempt to eject the current City Council President Carol Marsh.

One of the first orders of business apparently after Councilman Tim Occhipinti is again sworn in for the public showing before the next City Council meeting, will be to act as the rubber stamp and be the fifth vote to cause the uproar of bad taste.

Bad taste has rarely been a concern for Councilwoman Beth Mason.  Last year on the same day of now convicted mayor Cammarano’s resignation, she released a press release as Dawn Zimmer was sworn in to replace him.  She had earlier indicated she was not available for the ceremony as she was on vacation.  Her press release told Hobokenites Zimmer shouldn’t get too comfortable in the mayor’s seat.

Now only if Councilwoman Mason can see Mayor Zimmer get a parking ticket or run over a orange cone on Madison Street, she can demand her resignation and be installed as mayor.

Just imagine the fun and games the City Council will be with Beth Mason running the show and her angry little Hoboken411 minion controlling the microphone.  What orchestrated fun they will bring to the town (less the texting during meetings.)

Such is the toxic nature of Hoboken’s political culture.  This town is going to find out the results of what the Hoboken Housing Authority ‘voting’ residents have unleashed on us all, especially its taxpayers.

Here’s what we have been missing out on as detailed from the Hoboken Advocate’s excerpts from the Assistant US Federal Attorney:

“The unfortunate reality was that when Mr. Russo took office, he swept through the City of Hoboken like an unsuspecting storm, damaging the City of Hoboken and its citizens by depriving them of his honest services…Any good deeds by him during his tenure as mayor, pale in comparison to the corrupt manner in which he misused his office for personal gain. He simply expected and demanded to be paid in exchange for awarding municipal contracts.…”

To fully comprehend the extent of his greed, when one merely needs to reflect that from on or about June 23rd, 1997 through November 30, 2001, the defendant personally took in excess of $317,000 from one city contractor alone.”

 Read the whole story, Russo: depths of corruption:

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