Pending Board of Election certification: Occhipinti to be sworn in tonight at City Hall

The Hudson County Board of Elections certification for the the 4th ward special election is anticipated shortly, paving the way for Tim Occhipinti to be sworn in as 4th ward councilman tonight at City Hall.

City Clerk James Farina will perform the ceremony tonight at 6:30.

Tim Occhipinti at the Jubilee Center 

The Jersey Journal notes a “high number of suspicious ballots” and this may lead to further action when forwarded Wednesday to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.

Some critics of the Hudson County Board of Elections have noted they should have looked into the massive irregularities of this election more before doing so.

It’s believed a package detailing a lengthy list of ballot problems were forwarded to the New Jersey Attorney General’s office already based on one reliable unconfirmed source.

MSV will be following those developments.

Talking Ed Note: Even with the County BoE certification, there’s a heavy shadow hanging over the election with criminal referrals yet twisting in the wind.  The next big question isn’t so much what Council elect Tim Occhipinti does, but what the Hudson County prosecutor will do.

Hudson County has seen a huge list of convictions in recent years of politically connected officials tied to a multitude of crimes going back to when now Gov. Chris Christie was the US Federal Attorney in Newark.

Will the Hudson County prosecutor’s office change its record where the crime busting comes out of Newark?  Because of late, Newark is pitching not only a shutout, but a no-hitter.

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