Occhipinti lawyer: any campaign fraud “not sanctioned by the campaign”

The Hudson County Board of Elections certified the fourth ward special election yesterday, but it failed to connect the dots on the clear lines of evidence presented showing a likely organized effort for voter fraud.

The Lenz for Council campaign is continuing to press its case with 200 challenges presenting a host of problems in the vote, especially in the vote by mail operation.

VBMs are central to questions swirling on vote fraud

Hoboken Patch details much of the issue in a comprehensive piece today with some comments from Councilman Ravi Bhalla on behalf of the Lenz for Council campaign and also lawyer Michael Goldberg, the counsel for the Occhipinti for Council campaign.

The story highlights key differences in the perspectives of each campaign.  Notable from Councilman Ravi Bhall’a perspective is the 78 of 79 ‘campaign workers’ named on Tim Occhipinti’s ELEC report being paid just days after their vote by mail ballots were submitted.

Councilman Bhalla decried the refusal of the Hudson County Board of Elections to see the obvious voter fraud patterns evidenced,  “They went ballot by ballot instead of looking at the total.”

Michael Goldberg defends much of the rejection by Hudson County while later distancing the Occhipinti for Council campaign from wrongdoing claiming it “definitely wasn’t sanctioned by the campaign,” and is quoted as then saying one bad apple “doesn’t spoil the bunch.”

An investigation announcement on the massive incongruity of the candidates’ vote by mail ballots is anticipated by Michael Harper, Hudson County Superintendent of Elections today.  It should address the County’s position where Occhipinti received 390 votes to Lenz’s 34 in paper ballots – over a ten times differential.  The candidates were separated by only 50 votes on the machines.

Talking Ed Note: This story was sourced with information from Claire Moses’ story on Hoboken Patch.  Her comprehensive story is available at the link:

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