Jake Stuiver announces legal approval to remain HHA Chairman


Chairman Jake Stuiver announced in a statement he’s received legal clearance to remain as the Chairman of the Hoboken Housing Authority.  Yesterday, he stated he was awaiting a legal review on his status from HHA counsel Charles Daglian after moving his family out of Hoboken a week ago Monday.
In an email to MSV, Stuiver wrote:
Yesterday afternoon, Hoboken Housing Authority General Counsel Charles
Daglian confirmed my eligibility to continue serving on the Hoboken
Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. I am thankful and honored to
receive corroboration of my belief, that am able to continue serving
on the HHA in full compliance with all local, state and federal laws and
consider it not only lawful and proper to serve out my term but in
fact imperative that I honor my commitment.

In a memo yesterday responding to my inquiry, Mr. Daglian concluded that “After
all of my research, my answer would be that there is no residency
requirement for a Housing Authority Commissioner and therefore, even
though you no longer reside in the City of Hoboken, you can remain as
a Commissioner for the Housing Authority of the City of Hoboken.”

I look forward to continuing to advance the cause of transparency,
accountability and reform in the HHA, and invite all
good-government-minded members of the community to attend the next
Board meeting, on Thursday, April 11, at 6 p.m. at Fox Hill Gardens,
311 13th Street.

Executive Director Carmelo Garcia said any HHA commissioner must reside in Hoboken to be eligible to serve in a reply to former commissioner Chris Campos (see video below) at the HHA meeting held earlier this month.  A request for comment on Garcia’s misinformation was not forthcoming at the time of this story.
Garcia has been at odds with the reform majority on the HHA seeking to rotate new professionals into the roles of legal counsel and auditor.  A fourth procurement process has been issued and begun for HHA legal counsel in less than a year.
Other local media have avoided discussion of serious problems uncovered by the oversight federal agency, Housing and Urban Development.  The agency issued a scathing letter outlining serious problems in the procurement process and calling the controversial contract renewed with Charles Daglian “legally flawed.”

Carmelo Garcia (l) speaking at the last HHA meeting with Jake Stuiver.

MSV covered the issues arising in the HUD letter and published the complete document back on March 13th:

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