Have you seen the emails? Questions to Beth Mason and Mike Russo (video)

Here’s the conclusion of Da Horsey’s remarks with pointed questions to Council chair Beth Mason and Councilman Mike Russo on the emails they seek from local media sources and political activists.

A simple yes or no question ties them in knots.  Although Councilwoman Beth Mason claims they are happy to answer the question later, no such answer is forthcoming from either her or Mike Russo.

Wonder what the FBI makes of that?

Talking Ed Note: MSV has come to a conclusion on this criminal investigation having looked some people in the eye.  The FBI is catching up and that reality may hit sooner than later.

The desire by Beth Russo to continue to inject themselves with political grandstanding on this email issue while an ACTIVE criminal investigation is underway by the FBI is going to be a topic of intense interest.

Now what jeopardy are they trying to interject into the FBI’s work and why?

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