Beth Mason’s Hoboken411 ghostwriting minion returns with more lunacy celebrating the County Machine’s victory

With the HCDO victory last night in the county elections, the Hoboken411 minion picks up the ghostwriting trade as friend of Beth Mason to celebrate and declare victory.  But for who exactly?

The Hudson County machine, turned out a “unity” ticket on Column A and generated some votes from loyalists but hardly in impressive numbers against registered voters.

Mason411’s latest screed: Machine wins!

The Hoboken411 “victory” will be short lived.  The results are not anything surprising to put it mildly and the declaration of victory in Hoboken for Democratic Committee is premature.  Councilman Ravi Bhalla proves to be the differentiator between two Cold War rivaling county machines.  His standing in the county and within Hoboken rises with the effective short race he was encouraged to run last minute.

As important, the county’s Sikh and Indian community sees it’s pride rise as an essential American voting group in the county.  In Jersey City, MSV spent time outside a polling station and this proved self-evident from the voters we spoke to who got behind Councilman Ravi Bhalla and were quite aware of his reform credentials.  Although a lower percentage result in the final outcome, this is a moment of enormous family and ethnic pride – to enjoin the American system as participants in the American dream at the voting booth. 

Running offline after seeing the HCDO kick off the standing Hoboken Democrats replacing them with even Republicans under the Michele Russo banner, Hoboken voters largely refused to knuckle under to the machine here in town.  Efforts by Beth Russo to buy a big win was again forestalled.  The final determination will come at the reorganization meeting.

Attempts to invade the mayor’s stronghold and take out Rami and Miriam Pinchevsky in the 4-2 committee race failed while Beth Mason apologist and “Real Democrats” chair Ines Garcia Keim was utterly vanquished by first time candidate Donna Antonucci in the 2nd ward.

Much of the battle lines in town remain the same with the subsidized housing and municipal workers on one side and the taxpaying young families who pay the freight on the other.

Someone should help the little Ch. 78 anchor get a dictionary.  The term lame duck does not apply to a sitting mayor with a majority council which is in place for two years beginning July 1.

A lame duck is the current sitting City Council that is acting against the will of the people and (typically) arrogantly so in the last meeting, running grandstanding political sideshows over useless emails and destroying the budget surplus in order to hurt Hoboken and the mayor by setting up the town for failure before the next election in 2013.

They have one more meeting to do their ugliest, and from the looks of it they will try their utmost, then they will be shunted aside for two years taking with them one of the shortest Council President terms in Hoboken history.

Councilwoman Beth Mason’s financial support for a questionable 4th ward election is still under review by the NJ Attorney General’s Office.  It provided her with the swing vote to buy a coveted Council President’s seat.  The last municipal elections in May guarantee her demise as she looks to the checkbook to buy the mayor’s seat again.

Mason’s tenure as Council President hasn’t lasted long and is close to a record for shortest in duration.  Oddly, that’s competitive with Dawn Zimmer who was also briefly City Council President before exiting.

Dawn Zimmer moved on to become mayor.

Someone should get Beth Mason’s ghostwriting minion a dictionary.

One moment of pride replaced by another: Councilman Ravi Bhalla sworn in as VP of the Council last year was a proud moment for his family and Sikh community.  

Talking Ed Note: Announcing victory in Hoboken two years before the next major election is a fool’s errand.  In politics, two years is a lifetime.  Change will be coming friends.  In the infamous words of Councilwoman Terry Castellano on the lame duck actions by the Beth Russo ‘majority, “Watch us!”

The new reform members of the City Council saw firsthand what they had only heard historically about the relentless singleminded Russo clan.  The last meeting (and months) have given them a front row seat into that mindset and should propel them to be more business-like and focused in pushing Hoboken forward.  It’s essential they do and demonstrate effective momentum without getting dragged into grandstanding sideshows, a Mike Russo specialty.

Ignore the shrill cries, shrieks and screams of Beth Russo in City Council, Hoboken411 and their media shills.  That game is over.

By the way, did you know the FBI is still in town?

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