Sully points every which way but the guilty

Al Sullivan was back in his Hudson Reporter column last weekend weighing in on the FBI’s criminal investigation at City Hall on data breaches but as usual when it comes to Hoboken political corruption and law breaking, it’s not on the side of law and order.  According to Al, even with no FBI charges or indictments made, it’s all “overkill.”  Without those basic facts, or in this case next to zero, he points the finger of blame at the Zimmer Administration.  Is there anything new with Sully?

Al Sullivan’s keeping it real: for the crooks

As the smoke has not yet started clearing on the dozen or so FBI agents who conducted a daytime raid carting out boxes of data believed from the City’s IT office, Al Sullivan looks to have taken up the slack for a relatively silent and minionless Hoboken411, the political apparatus typically spewing lies near and far on behalf of Beth Russo.

As Hoboken411 has fallen into either disfavor or yanked off the Beth Mason payee list along with her friend, minion Lane Bajardi – Al Sullivan for two weeks in a row is trying to build a storyline defending any criminality for the people who may have illegally released data to outside “sources.” 

Sullivan describes a Zimmer people story surrounding the leak from the IT office to Zimmer’s political enemies, calling some of it “public information.”  Well how much non-public information is it okay to transfer to Zimmer’s political enemies Al, curious people want to know. 

No doubt when more is learned on the transgressions, Al will again call law enforcement “overkill.”  During the time of ex-mayor and now imprisoned Peter Cammarano’s conviction, Al was a voice for the “locked in” voters in town who claimed it was all a government setup, you know “overkill.”

Then after the FBI surveillance tapes came out on Councilman Mike Russo’s meeting with Solomon Dwek came out, it wasn’t the corruption of trading on his office with a developer that disturbed Al Sullivan.  Nor was it agreeing to accept a series of bribes and have the funds made out to the Russo for Hoboken committee.  What really got Al’s goat was the invasion of Mike Russo’s “privacy.”

Al is less critical of the Zimmer opponents’ storyline noting their version the Administration has been “playing fast and loose with public resources, using official e-mails and other communications to target political enemies.”  (You know you can get up to speed in this town awfully quick by telling your neighbors to look at much of it through one lens: projection.)

Does Al reference any evidence of any of this?  It sounds pretty damning on its face.  No, but there was former 2nd ward candidate Franz Paetzhold showing up at City Council to complain again months later about the Mayor’s position noting Councilman Mike Russo’s corruption on the city website when the FBI bribe tapes surfaced making denial on wrongdoing moot.  Is that playing “fast and loose?”  In normal places they call taking such a stand in our government institutions leadership.

Al ends by noting there are several other theories but they come from the truly politically paranoid.  Too him the people throwing money around buying votes, making wild baseless charges on a regular basis and pretending they have hit pay dirt targeting emails between City Hall staffers and local media sounds altogether feasible –  all without any evidence.

MSV will take some of our email to City Council for some comedy time but the idea there’s something nefarious in any of this is frankly dumb.  In the spirit of collegiality, we want to help Al with his Old Guard spun ideas.  He’s such a willing tool.

With Hoboken411 gone to ground, paranoia has apparently found a new home.  When the FBI investigation heats up, one can anticipate Al Sullivan will once again be fighting hard for untruth, injustice and the Old Guard criminal way.

It’s what he’s been doing all along.

Talking Ed Note:  As everyone is bracing for some news on the FBI front, the heat is turning up and people are wondering what’s going down.  This cryptic post on’s Hoboken Forum above surfaced and had lots of people scratching their heads. 

Grafix Avenger thinks it’s the minion going canary.

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