Election results district by district for each of the wardS

2011 Council Race Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown charting each of the wards and how the individual districts within stack up.  People will be concluding much on the information but what should need no analysis is people in subsidized housing show up to vote religiously – summer, spring, winter and fall.  They have a strong interests in housing and municipal jobs and they are motivated in seeing aspects in each preserved and getting out to vote.

Even in the 2nd ward, Applied Housing turned in well over 100 votes for Beth Mason and the building supers were reported going to people and urging them to vote.

The lesson here is how to create a deeper sense of civic duty from all residents not just  those with direct economic interests in town and home ownership.  The US struggles with voting ratios compared to many countries and there’s many reasons for it.  Concluding too much from the same voting bases getting to the polls is not particularly useful, and in this one, it’s the people tied closest to the economic municipal benefit(s) who are most motivated to vote.

That’s not really news anywhere or especially Hoboken.

The charts come courtesy of the Jolly Green Giant at the Hoboken Journal.

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