Guaranteed loser: another UDD eminent domain action

The definition of insanity…  Yes, it’s a repeat of the political eminent domain action against Union Dry Dock’s new owner NY Waterway. Governor Phil Murphy and NJ Transit will not be amused.

The City Council will host its August meeting next week where the circular fire begins anew.

Well, it is the dog days of summer but Hoboken never stops. Neither does Team Bhalla, whether it’s rustling up monies near and most often far or attacking a stroke victim who dared say a few words of common sense about NY Waterway not being stopped at Union Dry Dock.

The vicious attack for his stating a simple truth by Ravi Bhalla’s paid political operative was one of the worst seen in Hoboken. Ever. We’re talking pre-Caveman savage.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was more dignified than the latest attacks by Team Bhalla. On the surface, platitudes, but online
it’s the foulest ugliness led by Ravi Bhalla’s online political operative. Not even a stroke victim is safe.

A vile personal attack on Kurt Gardiner, a recovering stroke victim and the godfather of the Reform Movement’s online origins with the Hoboken Journal and later the Hoboken Resistance is on the end of Ravi Bhalla’s paid political operative bile.

In response to his brief comment the NY Waterway status at Union Dry Dock remains unchanged, he was assaulted with this Team Bhalla savagery on HCV:

Kurt Gardiner has seen the attack by Team Bhalla via the operator of his online propaganda cave site and simply remarked, “It’s wrong.”

It didn’t end there and any expectation of basic human decency went out the window with this addition.

Team Bhalla held an event for its slate of “yes people” council candidates claiming about $60,000 incoming from unknown sources which later turn out to mostly originate from special interests outside Hoboken.

Brazen attacks directed at City Council members in their meetings shown originating from the mayor’s office in ugly race-baiting operations means all this is par for the course for Ravi Bhalla even in July.

Scorched earth is a staple food for Ravi Bhalla. Seeking absolute power with almost entirely “a group of never done one thing for Hoboken governance” candidates coupled with Nancy Pincus doing her absolute vilest online, par for the course.

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