Roman Brice defeats Lane Bajardi & Kim Cardinal in their appeal of notorious SLAPP suit

Analysis and opinion on the 2015 SLAPP suit from the NJ Appellate Court decision

After 14 months of deliberation, the New Jersey Appellate announced its decision Friday in Bajardi v Pincus upholding victories for all but one defendant in the notorious Hudson Superior Court designated SLAPP suit.

That sole defendant, Nancy Pincus, saw two counts from the 2012 civil complaint remanded for trial in Hudson County Superior Court. A trial date is expected to be set this October or November.

Named defendant Roman Brice once again proved victorious along with Mark Heyer against plaintiffs Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal.

Sanctions for frivolous litigation issued in the case for $276,000 against Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal were however reduced by the Appellate to those paid-to-date for the litigious couple who sued numerous screen name defendants for defamation. Most would never see an allegation of any kind made before seeing dismissal. Some of those screen names SLAPPed: Bob R, SS1959, davidd, SmartyJones, Bet Mazin and Klaussenfluffer.

Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal paid approximately $70,000 in court-approved sanctions to Heyer and Brice since 2015.

A few notable items over the seven-year litigation:

  • Lane Bajardi stated repeatedly under oath he was not a political operative for Beth Mason
  • Beth Mason, a former councilwoman announced the Bajardi civil litigation prior to its filing at the July 2012 Hoboken City Council meeting in reply to Defendant Brice’s inquiry about Mason Civic League tax filings and political operatives being on the payroll (including Matt Calicchio)
  • Of 48,000 emails obtained by defendants in discovery, over 7,200 were between the plaintiffs, Lane Bajardi & Kimberly Cardinal and Beth Mason and her husband Richard Mason of Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz.
  • Matt Calicchio, a former political operative for Beth Mason since her 2011 council campaign pleaded guilty last May to his participation in a voter fraud bribery scheme in 2013 and 2015.
  • Among those sued by the plaintiffs, a 2010 cartoon character called Bet Mazin created by Brice in the smash hit short movie, “Downfall of a Wannabe Shark.”
  • has never seen a single defamatory allegation or similar complaint against it in almost seven thousand original news stories and features published in its ten-year history.
  • Although targeted in the civil litigation with no claim against it, continuously published over the entire seven years.
  • Some emails obtained in discovery became part of the Bench Slapped Series

Hudson County View published its story late Friday.

Bet Mazin, the original 2010 cartoon character seen tens of
thousands of times in “Downfall of a Wannabe Shark”
was named a defendant in the 2012 SLAPP suit and maybe the
only cartoon character ever sued and victorious in NJ history.

Talking Ed Note: Hopefully, being subjected to voluminous pathological lying to keep a SLAPP-suit alive to a trial will never be repeated against any Hoboken resident again.

It’s a good time to offer thanks, first to our Lord and then counsel of record throughout: Alexander W. Booth, Jimmy the K, BC, Doctor F, Tripod Man, Kurt Gardiner, Eric Kurta – the Wiley Coyote, Steve X, DY, Eric, P, Mossad Girl, Not Stempler, Scott, Catrina, Fake Striver, Michael Lenz, Tony Soares, The Janitor, and all the readers and members who supported throughout.

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